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The Team

The Team

Whatsongreece.com The Team You Can Trust take away the hassle and stress and let you enjoy your Luxury Villa Holiday in Greece with all the pampering you deserve. Our newly branded “Luxury Experiences” in Greece has been designed to provide you with any experience you desire for your vacation. If you think of it, we can organise it for you. As our team is made up of people that live in Greece all year around, we have the real local knowledge to be able to tailor the most comprehensive Luxury Villa Holiday Experience in Greece. We research, study and experience each Luxury Villa and Luxury Experience that we offer to be able to make sure you are getting the best for you and your family to experience an authentic Greek Luxury Villa Holiday.



Founder & Managing Director

“Every day on this journey I meet new people from every corner of the globe, which I believe is the best way to grow as a person. My reward is the people that joined me on this journey and believe in the WhatsOnGreece.com vision which for all of us as a team is about our excellence in personalized service to guarantee our guests leave with the thought and emotion that Greece is the most beautiful and unique destination in world. Proud to be both Greek and Australian”


Co Founder & Accounts Director

“Hello everyone, my name is Haris and I love the path I have chosen. I was born and raised in the historical region of Mani, home of the Spartans. Focusing on quality and creativity throughout my work is what gives me complete confidence that our guests at WhatsOnGreece.com will became part of our family. Personally I believe in the vision of WhatsOnGreece.com and that we are The Team You Can Trust.”


Co Founder – Finance Director

“The roads I have travelled over the past 20 years taking me across every continent of the world, have always led me back to Greece. A love for uncovering the gems within this beautiful country, has given me the passion to share these experiences with others. Being part of the team at WhatsOnGreece.com that has the same beliefs as me is a place that truly wants to create a unique experience for our guests in search of the inner beauty that is Greece.”


Guest Relations & Reservations Manager

“Being invited to become part of the WhatsOnGreece.com team has given the opportunity to work in the place I have called home, Lefkada, since I was very young. Born in the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam, Netherlands and with my family we moved to the beautiful island of Lefkada in 1997. Having no choice but to adjust very quickly to the Greek way of life and today I am fluent in all aspects of the Greek language and culture. My  studies include Hotel Management in Athens to further my aspirations in Tourism for Lefkada. It is a blessing to be able to work in a place you love surrounded by young motivated people that have the same vision as you.”


IT & Digital Development Manager

“One passion and that is IT. Its become a bigger passion now that I have been given the opportunity at WhatsOnGreece.com to mix IT with Tourism. Its a great feeling being able to help villa owners move forward in offering people around the world an amazing product. Based in the most beautiful city of Greece, Thesaloniki, I am sure our team will be sooner rather than later, offering you Luxury Villa Holidays in the mesmerising region of Thesaloniki.””