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Luxury Experiences

Exclusive Lifestyle for guests of WhatsOnGreece.com

When someone comes to your home, it is in our nature to want to take care of them, feed them and ask them if they need anything. This is exactly how we feel with our guests choosing to stay in one of our Exclusive Villas in Greece. Our team has a lifetime of experiences in their local areas, knowing simply the best places to eat and those off the beaten track, small beaches that take years to discover. We are proud and passionate about sharing our everyday lifestyle, our playground, called the Luxury Experiences, with our Luxury Villas to create a Greek Villa Holiday like no other you have experienced, with your loved ones.



Our “Luxury Experiences” on Lefkada, which have been hand-picked by our local team on the island…



Our “Luxury Experiences” on Sivota, which have been hand-picked by our local team on the island…



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