Our Luxury Experiences in Lefkada


As the local insiders, we are proud to present to you our Hand-Picked Luxury Experiences in Lefkada. We open doors which are shut to other travellers to ensure that you experience Greece in a way that only a local can.

Our Luxury Experiences have been personally chosen by our Local Concierge Team and have been tried and tested first-hand to guarantee that your own experience will exceed all your expectations. You will experience your own moments of local encounters, organic gastronomy, curated activities, and other little surprises leaving you with memories to last a lifetime.

Sea Lovers on Holiday in Lefkada

Dive into a world of splendour set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Ionian Sea, a place where the waters shimmer with a beauty unmatched anywhere else on Earth. Embark on a luxurious journey aboard a private yacht or rent a private boat without a license to navigate this picturesque paradise at your leisure. In this corner of the world, every wave tells a tale of unmatched natural grandeur, inviting you to immerse yourself in its extraordinary embrace.


Adventure Seekers on Holiday in Lefkada

For those with a passion for adrenaline experience exhilarating escapades amidst the untouched beauty of Greece’s wilderness and lush landscapes. Lace up your boots for invigorating hikes or take flight on a paragliding tour high above the captivating coastal panoramas. Adventure Seekers, thrills await amidst the untouched splendour of Greece – embrace the wild, embrace the extraordinary.


A Taste of Greece on Holiday in Lefkada

Immerse yourself in the life of the locals by sampling their gastronomic delights and everything that Greek cuisine is loved for. Our villas come with culinary pleasures on while our range of Epicurean Experiences encompasses everything from olive oil-tasting, cheese pie-making and wine tours, to cookery lessons in your villa.


Drive Your Way

For our transfer service, car hire but anything that will get you around with safety and comfort we can pre-book for you though our local trusted partners that have been assisting our guests for many years. Our Concierge Team will be in touch once you have booked your property, to curate the best possible solution for your means of getting around during your Villa Holiday in Lefikada.


Recharge & Shine

Time to take a deep breath! Reward yourself, get in the right hands and enjoy personal-ized wellness services and luxurious beauty treatments. From a yoga session to a relaxing mas-sage by your private pool and then to get ready the evening spoil yourself with touch of beauty.

We are always one step ahead to ensure that your stay on Lefkada will be unique and person-alized to make you feel special. Our Local Recharge and Shine partners offer the highest qual-ity standards of Hospitality, and it will be reflected in the personalized service they will pro-vide according to your personality.


Our Trusted Villa Guest Reviews

Our WhatsOnGreece family is a team of locals, proud to share with you, the insider knowledge about our villas, local concierge services, and the finer things in life, through our firsthand luxury experience across our Destinations in Greece.

We proudly present to you our new Collection of Curated Villa Holidays in Greece. They have been named after and curated by each member of the WhatsOnGreece family, that you will meet on the ground during your journey when you book your next Greek Villa Holiday Experience with WhatsOnGreece.

The WhatsOnGreece Difference

Our firsthand experience as the local insiders and our passion to share the most beautiful and finer things our destinations in Greece have to offer, is what sets us above and beyond our competition. Our promise, that we know our destinations better than anyone else.

Our Exclusive Greek Luxury Villa Collection with Hand-Picked & Curated Local Luxury Experiences are ‘The WhatsOnGreece Difference’. It ensures VIP treatment for every guest throughout their Greek Luxury Villa Holiday Experience.

Expert Greek Team

Dedicated Concierge

Book with Confidence

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