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Luxury Experiences on Lefkada

“Fish like a Greek..with Ouzo!”

Some of our Luxury Experiences seem like they would suit adults rather than children, but our Fishing Boat Charter, has shown that it’s the most loved by children and teenagers. The adults see it as another day out on the water enjoying a refreshing Greek Salad with glass of Ouzo.

Our hand-picked local fisherman in Lefkada uses his traditional Greek fishing boat, known as a “Kaiki” in Greek, to take you out towards the island of Meganisi and beyond to source deep sea locations. The private Fishing Boat Charter starts from early morning at around 9am and goes up until the early afternoon hours. All equipment including snorkelling gear for those that are not so thrilled about fishing, are provided by our Greek Captain on board. Lunch will be served on board where you can get to know our Greek Captain and ask him about his years of experience and any techniques you can take back home. 

Once you have booked your Exclusive Luxury Villa in Lefkada with us, ask us about our Fishing Boat Charter service and we will organize everything for you.

Contact us to book your Exclusive Luxury Villa

“Luxury Experiences” are available exclusively to clients of WhatsOnGreece.com. Once you have booked your Exclusive Luxury Villa, you will be contacted by our Luxury Experiences Manager to go through all our “Luxury Experiences” in your choice of Villa Holiday Destination in Greece.