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Villas in Syvota

Sivota or Syvota…in Thesprotia is a hidden away Mediterranean coastal resort that is still a place to getaway for a romantic or family escape with a sense of peacefulness. It feels like you are on a secluded Greek Island but actually you are amongst the Pindos Mountains of rugged Epirus stretching down to the west coast mainland of the Ionian Sea with its small picturesque beaches and hidden coves.

On the endless crystal blue waters with the islands of Paxoi and Corfu just a short boat trip away, is the unique traditional Greek fishing village, Syvota. In the sixties when things were even more laid back this picturesque village was the perfect place for Guy Laroche to call home during the summer months. The village of Syvota has a marina for yachts and a paved walkway along the seaside to stroll during the evening with a lively atmosphere of restaurants, taverns and cafes for your choice of pleasure and entertainment.


This is the perfect place to hop on a boat and explore dreamy islets and stunning beaches. One of the most exotic and unusual beaches you will ever experience on a holiday is Bella Vraka, which is reached by walking through shallow water. Megali Ammos meaning Large Sand is to enjoy during lunch right by the beach at a Greek Tavern. Mikri Ammos meaning Small Sand offers a organized luxury beach bar for those Greek summer moments we all long for every year. Agia Paraskevi another picturesque beach with a tiny island in the foreground is always calling for you to reach it with by swimming across the crystal blue Ionian waters.
All in all, Syvota is what we would call the ideal base as it provides more than most places with a Greek summer lifestyle of taverns, beaches, water sports, trekking, an easy short drive to the seaside town of Parga or the most amazing boat journey across to the islands of Paxoi.
The team you can trust with its real local knowledge has handpicked the following villas to help you experience exactly what we love about Syvota all year around.

Where is Syvota in Greece?

Syvota is on the mainland of Greece along the west coast of the Ionian Sea. As a position, it is across the Ionian Sea from the island of Corfu or a 1-hour journey from the island of Lefkada. Syvota in Greece is naturally positioned to give a feeling that you are on Greek Island with many beaches but also many boat trips to take you to a number of Greek Islands for a day trip.

Where to stay in Syvota?

If you are looking for the best place to stay in Syvota, well there is no best place but a place for adults and children and for travellers of all age groups. As long as you stay approximate 10 minutes from the main town of Syvota then you are close enough to both the beach life and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

How to get to Syvota?

Syvota is one of the most accessible mainland coasts in Greece. There is a number of Airports in Greece you can choose to arrive from anywhere in Greece or International and then access Syvota directly by car.

  • By plane to the airport of Aktion (PVK) and from there by car rental/private transfer which is an approximate 1 hour drive to Syvota.
  • By plane to the airport of Thessaloniki (SKG) and from there by car rental/private transfer which is an approximate 4 hour drive to Syvota.
  • By plane to the airport of Athens (ATH) and from there either a connecting flight to Aktion (PVK) or Ioannina (IOA), or by car rental/private transfer which is an approximate 5 hour drive from Athens and a 1 hour drive from Ioannina (IOA) or 1 hour drive from Aktion (PVK) to Syvota.
  • By ferry to the port of Igoumenitsa from Corfu. The drive from Igoumenitsa by car rental/private transfer is approximately 30 minutes to Syvota.


Syvota Points of Interest


Agia Paraskevi beach along the coastline of Syvota and part of the region Perdika, has been given its name from the church which sits above the beach with a panoramic sea view of the Ionian Archipelagos. It’s an experience that will require a little energy but it’s not every day you go to a beach and are able to get to your own little island without a boat. Agia Paraskevi and all its beauty is the island named, Nisaki, which is only a 150 meter swim away. The beach is organized and is both sandy and pebbly. It makes for a great day out during your stay in Syvota Epirus.

Syvota Village

‘Mourtos’ was its orgininal name but today the seaside fishing village on the west coast mainland of Greece spreading across the Ionian Sea is named, Syvota. Although a traditional Greek fishing village during the winter season, during the summer season, Syvota becomes a small cosmopolitan town. Syvota village is the main town for the region of Syvota that has remained untouched by mass tourism but offers a true Greek Holiday of sitting by the sea and having a Greek salad, fresh seafood and listening to the sounds of the yachts mooring with a refreshing glass of ouzo. It’s a favourite seaside mooring village for yachters travelling around Paxoi and Corfu.

Bella Vraka

Paradise is walking through the sea and ending up on a beach on a secluded island. Bella Vraka is a small beach on a secluded island that can be reached from the mainland of Syvota, walking through the sea for approximately 50 meters with the crystal blue waters around you at knee height. Words and photos can’t describe the experience or feeling but this is a must do and see while on holiday in Syvota.

Mikri Ammos

Mikri Ammos in Syvota Epirus is an organized beach for a little more cosmopolitan lifestyle. The beach is located in a small bay along the coast of the Ionian Archipelagos with the luxury of a beach bar which offers an all day and evening experience. The set up of the beach bar offers every luxury with a dining setting, sun-beds & umbrellas and for the most demanding luxury cushions. The waters of Mikri Ammos are everything and more you would expect of the Ionian Sea and this is a beach is a favorite being close to all accommodation in Syvota.

Mega Ammos

As the name suggests and translates to “Large Sandy Beach”, Mega Ammos is the largest beach in Syvota. Mega Ammos is organized with sun-beds and umbrellas and also has two beach bar restaurants. Its located approximately 1 kilometer from the main town of Syvota. This beach is the most popular in Syvota as its been hosting tourists since the early 70’s. Mega Ammos is a Blue Flag beach and is everything you would expect of a Greek beach with crystal blue waters and endless views across the Ionian Archipelagos.

Guests Most Popular Villas on Syvota

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