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Preveza town is located at the mouth of Amvrakikos Gulf, in Western Mainland Greece. It is an area blessed with beautiful landscapes, green areas, great beaches, a rich history, ancient sites, and monuments; in short you will find here numerous options for memorable Villa Holidays.

Stroll along the harbour and the old town and see the beautiful traditional buildings; walk on the seaside pedestrian street and enjoy the island-like atmosphere; taste local dishes in a picturesque taverna or coffee shop which line the narrow slab-paved backstreets.

Monolithi Beach a short distance from Preveza, went viral – because the European Best Destinations organization, a member of the EDEN Network, declared it the safest beach in Europe. Lets not forget the stunning beaches of Kastrosykia and Kanali.

You will meet our local team in Preveza and they will share and go through our Preveza Luxury Experiences to make certain that you get to live like a local by discovering the best the island has to offer in activities, food, culture, history, beaches, villages and much more.

Where is Preveza in Greece?

Preveza is a seaside city in the region of Epirus, northwestern Greece, located on the northern peninsula at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. The city of Preveza overlooks the Ionian Archipelagos. Its is starting point for many exploring the region of Epirus and the Ionian Islands.

Where to stay in Preveza?

If you are looking for the best place to stay in Preveza, well there is no best place but a place for adults and children and for travellers of all age groups. Preveza and its surrounding outskirts is ideal for families with children as you have a mix of beach life and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Across the west coast of Preveza is the place to explore some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece such as Monolithi and Kastrosykia.

How to get to Preveza?

Ionian mainland City of Preveza is one of the most accessible regions of Greece. PVK Airport and Igoumenitsa Port in Greece has always been a hub for international tourists visiting the region.


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