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Corfu or Kerkira is arguably the jewel of the Ionian Sea. Its stunning landscape of lush green mountains and crystal clear sandy beaches make this Greek Ionian Island a true paradise. Corfu is a household name with a history full of culture and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Corfu will mesmerize you at first sight with its world awarded town which has a glorious Venetian past and a vast multi-cultural history. It is a UNESCO heritage site that offers every guest a multitude of things to do and see.


Wake up to a private chef having your breakfast ready for you amongst the refreshing aura that hugs every corner of the island before you go for your daily swim at one of the famous beaches of Palaiokastritsa with its sea caves or the organized beach of Agios Gordios. A private boat cruise along the picturesque coast is a memory to last you a lifetime.

If you want to get active, there is sporting activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or even an 18-hole golf course. For those wanting to stay on land visiting historical places like Achillion Palace or Corfu Old Town is a great way to fill up the day.
In the late afternoon or evening you have a wide range of options in Corfu every night, from traditional taverns by the sea in Agios Stefanos or you can even experience the local Corfiot cuisine in Corfu Town with the locals.

The team you can trust with its real local knowledge has handpicked the following villas to help you experience exactly what we love about Lefkada all year around.


Where is Corfu in Greece?

Corfu or Kerkyra is off the west coast mainland of Greece, part of the Eptanisa or Ionian Islands. along the west coast of the Ionian Sea. It is the geographically the most northern island of the Eptanisa, above Paxos Islands and Lefkada. On the west coast of Corfu, you are facing Italy and on the east coast you are facing Albania.

Where to stay in Corfu?

If you are looking for the best place to stay on the Ionian Island of Corfu, well there is no best place but a place for adults and children and for travellers of all age groups.

How to get to Corfu

Ionian Island of Corfu is one of the most accessible islands in Greece. A number of Airports in Greece you can choose to arrive from anywhere in Greece or International.


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