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Paleros located on the western coast of Greece, in the region of Etoloakarnania, is a hidden away Traditional Greek Coastal Village. Paleros feels like you are on a secluded Greek Island but actually you are on the mainland surrounded with the beauty of some of the most unique islands of Greece, including Kastos, Kalamos, Meganisi and second to none, the Ionian Island of Lefkada. Paleros stretches on both ends to traditional villages such as Pagonia and small-picturesque beaches and hidden coves, all the way to the seaside resort of Mytikas. Our local team that lives and breathes Paleros all year around will create the perfect Paleros Villa Holiday for your family and friends.

On the endless crystal blue waters with the islands of Kalamos and Meganisi just a short boat trip away, is the unique traditional Greek fishing village, Paleros in Greece. The village of Paleros has a marina for yachts and a paved walkway along the seaside to stroll during the evening with a lively atmosphere of restaurants, taverns and cafes for your choice of pleasure and entertainment.


This is the perfect place to hop on a boat and explore dreamy islets and stunning beaches. Paleros is that dreamy Greek fishing village you have seen on screen, and always imagined yourself walking through alleyways to get to the main village square with endless sea views and sailing boats lined up across a small harbour.

All in all, Paleros, located on the west coast of mainland Greece is what we would call the ideal base as it provides more than most places with a Greek summer lifestyle of taverns, beaches, water sports, trekking, an easy short drive to the gem of the Ionian Archipelagos, Lefkada, or the most amazing boat journey across to the islands of Kastos and Kalamos.
The team you can trust with its real local knowledge has handpicked the following villas to help you experience exactly what we love about Paleros all year around.

Where is Paleros in Greece?

Paleros is on the mainland of Greece along the west coast of the Ionian Sea. As a position, it is across the Ionian Sea from the island of Lefkada. Paleros in Greece is naturally positioned to give a feeling that you are on Greek Island with many beaches but also many boat trips to take you to a number of Greek Islands for a day trip such as Kastos, Kalamos and the stunning Meganisi.

Where to stay in Paleros?

If you are looking for the best place to stay in Paleros, well there is no best place but a place for adults and children and for travellers of all age groups. As long as you stay approximate 10 minutes from the main town of Paleros then you are close enough to both the beach life and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

How to get to Paleros?

Paleros is one of the most accessible mainland coasts in Greece. There is several Airports in Greece you can choose to arrive from anywhere in Greece or International and then access Paleros directly by car.


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We have put together the most Popular Villas on Paleros according to the positive feedback and what matters most, the Luxury Villas that guests consider their home away from home, year after year.