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Lefkada Villa Holidays


Ancient times and Greek Mythology of love and heartbreak go far back to even Lefkada and Cape Lefkatas. In ancient times it was the place that those with heartbreak would jump off the cliffs to end their suffering. The goddess Aphrodite chose this place to end her heartbreak. Also, the Muse, Sappho, chose this place to end her suffering from loving Phaon. Cape Lefkatas is located at the southernmost point of Lefkada. Since you will certainly be visiting Porto Katsiki on your next Villa Holiday to Lefkada, it’s only a 15-minute drive away to this spectacular location which will give you 360-degree views across the Ionian Archipelagos stretching across the west coastline of the island and even giving you a clear view of Ithaca and Kefalonia in the distance.


Nidri is the tourism hub of the island. It is where tourism started on the island back in the 1970s with the infamous name ‘Aristotle Onassis’. The island of Aristotle Onassis, named Scorpios, is part of the scenery from the port of Nidri. Nidri is a cosmopolitan town offering everything from restaurants of every cuisine, boutique stores, beach bars, water sport activities and the most popular daily boat cruises. This town is a must-see on your next holiday to Lefkada for an evening stroll down the pedestrian strip. The long stretch of Nidri Port is the perfect place to sit and have an evening cocktail and enjoy what the locals love most about summer, people watching. Nidri is also the place to catch a ferry for a daily trip to the islands of Meganisi, Ithaca and Kefalonia.


Sivota Bay in Lefkada although today is a traditional Greek Fishing Village dates back to Ancient Greek Mythology associated with the journey of Odysseus and the poet Homer. Sivota is a natural hidden away harbour that will remind you of Greece of the ’80s and ’90s with the friendliest and most hospitable of atmospheres that is ideal for families. Our Villa guests are spoilt every season in Sivota with all-day experience starting their day with breakfast along the seaside with the bells ringing from the yachts moored in the bay. After a Greek breakfast through our VIP Concierge Service, a day out with a motorboat with the private captain is the ultimate experience while on holiday in Lefkada. The evening in Sivota is what we will long for in Greece with a seaside table and the freshest of fish and seafood with Greek music playing the background. A day in Sivota is all about living the Greek life.


The small chapel of Agios Ioannis Antzousis is one of the most picturesque on the island of Lefkada. It is literally within walking distance of the turquoise waters of Agios Ioannis Beach surrounded by olive groves and pine trees. Its location, as well as its architecture, stands out after being built into a huge white rock, form a uniquely serene image. Historically, this chapel is said to be the oldest on the island as it was built back in the 16th century by the Franks who had occupied Lefkada. It is even said that the Apostle Paul had first taught in the area in the 1st century BC. Its church bell is one of the attractions it offers, as well as it’s interior with rare Byzantine icons. Also, the area around the chapel is ideal for a stroll through the picturesque and lush green path, with one side of the blue waters completing this fabulous landscape. Agios Ioannis Antzousis is must if you are going to visit Agios Ioannis Beach for the day.


The Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni is the most important religious site of all the rest on the island of Lefkada. She is the patroness and protector of Lefkada. On the 28th May, which coincides with the celebration of the Holy Spirit each year, is the official celebration. People from all over Greece flock and queue for pilgrimage and a local festival is held with traditional music and a range of products from many areas of Greece. According to tradition, the monastery was built around 1634 in the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Artemis, the Goddess of hunting. The monastery is perched on the mountainside, not far away from Lefkada Town. It is surrounded by beautiful tall green pine trees and olive groves. While standing there and looking up from above, the view is magnificent overlooking the gorgeous and immense beach of Agios Ioannis, Lefkada Lagoon and beyond. The Monastery also consists of a small zoo where you can see various animals that are under the care of the monks. This place is perfect for hiking being perfectly positioned and for religious people a source of serenity and peace.


The beautiful cosmopolitan Lefkada Town when you see before you as you cross the drawbridge next to the Castle of Santa Mavra has been built with a certain architecture in mind. In the years of pirates, the local people of Lefkada built the town in order to escape from the invading pirates and for this reason, the town is shaped like a herringbone. The backbone in today’s central market, now lined with boutique stores, churches, restaurants and café/bars. The picturesque alleyways shaped like small labyrinths even making it an exciting adventure today. As you enter Lefkada, you will be surprised that to the left of you is Lefkada Lagoon which is a natural paradise for migrating birds and to the right of you the Ionian Sea with yachts lined up to the new complex of Lefkada Marina. All in all Lefkada Town is for all ages and all tastes as there is plenty to discover, from archaeological and local museums to picturesque restaurants for all tastes and also bars for the younger visitors. Lefkada Town is a must-see especially during the evening on a Greek Holiday walking down the pedestrian strip to end up at the main square of the town to sit and have an Ouzo while what the locals love best, people watching.


Nidri Waterfalls is a must on your next Villa Holiday to Lefkada. As in its name its located in the region of Nidri but in its outskirts surrounded by a mountain range and olive groves. Its easy enough to get there by car but making it an experience renting bicycles in Nidri to get there, makes for a more enjoyable day. The path you take to reach the waterfalls is called the Dimosari Waterfall Trail, so be prepared for a magical path that includes green rocks, cool waters and the Greek summer sun trying to glaze through the lush greenery that engulfs the path to the waterfall. The magic of Nidri Waterfalls though presents itself when you reach the end of the trail to the waterfall that runs down its rock mountain slope into the natural rock pools. Bring your swimsuits because during those hot summer months there is nothing more rewarding than a dip into the natural cool water of the rock pools. On the way back at the beginning of the trail you will find a traditional tavern where you can take a break in the shade and have a nice refreshing Greek Salad and a Greek Beer.


Built in the early 14th century by Sicilian leaders, the Castle of Agia Mavra is a historical monument to Lefkada. In the Middle Ages for a while, the whole island was named after the castle and was called Agia Mavra. Its location at the entrance of the island was specifically in order to protect it from invaders and pirates. On your way into the island on your right-hand side you will see the fortress walls. Despite its age, the Castle is still in very good condition both inside and out. Within the walls, a chapel dedicated to Agia Mavra has been built, which comes alive during the summer, where various events take place and even local religious weddings. Access to the Castle is very easy and can be done by all means on foot even making it a day walking from Lefkada Town which is a nice walk along the causeway separated by Lefkada Lagoon and the Ionian Sea.