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Lefkada Villa Holidays


It’s one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Mother nature over the centuries with all her creativity has given us a unique landscape. The cliff drop that during the course of the day changes from a palette of white to gold and finally ends on the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea of Lefkada will leave you mesmerized. You can experience the beauty of Porto Katsiki in one day – The mid-morning hours provide natural shade from the cliff drop over the beach and the crystal blue waters. The approaching mid-day Greek Summer Sun comes over the mountainside to finally light and warm the entire landscape. The creation of natural artwork of colours changing on the cliffside and the endless shades of blue across the Ionian Archipelagos. At the end of the day this Lefkada Beach, you will experience one of the most romantic settings, you could ever imagine in your entire life.


Egremni beach on the west coast of Lefkada has been awarded by many leading Travel & Tourism Publications as the No.1 Beach in the World the last 4 years running. Egremni beach is the jewel of Lefkada Beaches and the locals are proud of it. The waters that stretch along the beach can’t be described in words; many have tried by comparing it to the waters of the Caribbean or by marketing it as ’50 Shades of Blue’. All the beauty of the Ionian Sea ends up at this Lefkada Beach with its golden sand and crystal blue waters that leave you dipping in and out to make sure that everything you see before you are real. Egremni beach up until 2019 could only be accessed by private boat which our company always feels proud to organize through our VIP Concierge Services for our Villa Guests, but announcements have been made recently by the Municipality of Lefkada, that in 2020 the road will be complete to access it by car.


On every island in Greece, we are always trying to find in our exploration the most secluded beaches. On the island of Lefkada that one beach us locals have as our favourite is Milos Beach on the west coast of the island. Milos beach can be experienced in two unique ways depending on how fit you are and what you consider to be too warm. The village of Agios Nikitas is the go-to point to get to Milos Beach either via trekking over the mountainside or by taxi-boat from the seafront of Agios Nikitas. Either way, once the beach appears before you, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that you have found a hidden paradise. There is a long and wide stretch of beach for that personal space we all long for on holiday and the shades of blue before you will change during the course of the day laying around and doing absolutely nothing but relaxing.


Megali Petra meaning Big Rock is the only logical name for this west coast beach on the island of Lefkada. There isn’t one big rock many big rocks that lie across the shore of the beach and just a few meters walk into the sea which make for a fun day for both adults and children. Through the traditional village of Kalamitsi you will wind down to the coastline of Megali Petra beach and walking distance to Kavalikefta beach or otherwise known as Kalamitsi beach. The beach is semi-organized with sun-beds and umbrellas on certain sections across the beach. August is not the best time to visit as the road down to the beach is very windy and narrow. Any other time you are on holidays in Lefkada you should certainly have Megali Petra on your bucket list.


Kathisma beach on the west coast of Lefkada and only a 30 minute drive from Lefkada Town is the most organized beach on the island. It’s a favourite for families and couples alike as there are many restaurants, cafes, beach bars, sun-beds and umbrellas lined up across the whole stretch of the beach. One of the most amazing and thrill-seeking activities that happen on the mountainside of Kathisma Beach is paragliding which our team will be able to organize for you. As you are on the Ionian Sea some days can be very winding making it a fun experience for the much younger crowd to play on the shore with the crashing waves. Additionally on the northern end of the beach are a couple of big rocks which are fan favourite for diving. All in all, Kathisma beach is a must when visiting the Ionian Island of Lefkada.


AgiofIli beach is also known amongst the locals as Mini Porto Katsiki Beach. Clearly a smaller beach, but the turquoise and crystal clear waters along with the huge white rocks surrounding justifies this resemblance. Its white pebble stands out as you walk along the coast. Agiofili beach is located in a small bay at the south end of Lefkada. The beach can be accessed in two ways. The first way to get there is by car or motorbike but and then a 10 minute walk down to the beach. We recommend you make a Greek adventure of it and take one of the small Taxi Boats from Vasiliki Town. The trip takes around 15 minutes across Vasiliki Bay straight to the beach and then every 30 minutes there is another Taxi Boat for your return. During the months of July-August its best to get there early or even better to get there during the late afternoon


Ammouso Beach is located on the south-east side of the Lefkada Island, 37km’s from the Lefkada Town. Not yet one of those popular and famous beaches, but certainly one of those lesser-known beaches which are ideal throughout the season. The green landscape of the area and the crystal turquoise waters compensate you with its landscape and crystal clear waters. You can sit on the beachside with sun loungers and umbrellas and enjoy your refreshing drink under the Greek summer sun, or take a seat for some shade on an outdoor lounge setting at the seaside café-bar. Additionally, for lunch, there is a Traditional Greek Tavern to take a break from it all and have a refreshing Greek Salad with a glass of wine. We will also give you the way to a few other hidden away beaches of the beaten track, walking distance from Ammouso Beach.


Basically, Avali beach is one of the many beaches that make up the total beaches of Kalamitsi Village. This beach is located just below the village of Kalamitsi, about a 10-minute drive, and is 25 kilometres from Lefkada Town. Going down the road from Kalamitsi Village and following the signs down to Megali Petra Beach, you will see a small sign directing you towards Availi Beach. At some point, you will find an open area to leave your car and from there it’s around a 5-minute walk down to the beach. Avali Beach is one of those beaches during the busier months that is the perfect solution for couples. It’s the perfect Greek Island setting for a bottle of wine waiting for the sunset glaring across the Ionian Archipelagos. There is also a small canteen to grab a few snacks and drinks for your day at this off the beaten track west coast beach.


Gialos Beach, which is not as popular and well known as others, is on the west coast of the island, 37km from the town of Lefkada. Its located between the villages of Athani and Dragano and just before the No.1 beach in the world, Egremni. It is considered one of the largest beaches on the island and for that even during the busy months of July and August, you will always find your own personal space. Upon arrival at Gialos Beach you will find a parking area and also a small canteen for all your snacks and drinks for the day. Additionally, the beach is organized with sun-beds to soak up the Greek summer sun and to get a moment of shade the canteen has a covered seating area. Gialos Beach is ideal for families and after a long day at the beach is close enough to the village of Athani to grab an early evening meal with a glass of wine.


In the serenity of a natural bay, below the village of Poros in the south-east of Lefkada Island, 38 kilometres from Lefkada Town, is the exquisite Mikros Gialos Beach. Almost isolated, it pops up through the lush mountains that surround it, with its white pebbly costume. Next to it lie the crystalline turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. The massifs around are natural protection from the winds making it ideal for most of the day, especially for children. In the past, it was the natural port of the village of Poros. Mikros Gialos beach has a variety of water-sports, cafés, bars and the most important when on holiday in Greece, seaside fish and seafood taverns. It’s a must one day of your stay in Lefkada to spend the day at the beach and as the sun sets to sit back at one of the traditional taverns enjoy the fresh catch of the day and to try some local Lefkada wine.


Desimi Beach is a naturally formed bay on the south-eastern side of Lefkada Island, on the outer side of the Vlicho peninsula, 24 kilometres from Lefkada Town. This beautiful backdrop completes the lush greenery immersed by endless olives groves. Desimi beach pops up as you wind down through the mountain range of Vlicho ending with crystal blue waters with a small pebbly beach. The place is perfect for a quiet summer lunch where you can enjoy and explore the surrounding landscape even by foot reaching other smaller secluded beaches around the bay. It is also an ideal beach for Canoeing and SUP destination to explore the local caves. The colour of the water is unique as it reflects the green trees in combination with the blue of the sea making Desimi Beach a must-visit on your next getaway to Lefkada. It’s also a great place during the busy months of July and August to have on your list for the weekend to keep away from the more popular beaches on the island.


Agios Ioannis beach is just a short walk or bicycle ride from Lefkada Town. It’s one of the longest beaches of Lefkada Island and a local favourite. The waters are turquoise and a panoramic view of the Ionian Sea is endless whereupon clear days you can see the entire mainland west coast in the distance. With its afternoon winds, it is a world-known hot-spot for kite-surfers which create a magical scenery across the sea. The composition of the beach, due to its long length, varies, having in some places sand and some other areas pebbles. This magnificent landscape is complemented by the unique stone-built windmills lined up along the beach which is a must for your photo collection. Agios Ioannis Beach is also a favourite location during the afternoon to grab a cocktail and an aperitif at one of the beach café/bars to wait for that amazing Greek Sunset.