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Important Travel Advice Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 – Read More 

Important Travel Advice Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 – Read More 

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Lefkada Events & Festivals

Our culture and community embrace every event and festival that the island has held for many years. It’s where we all meet and celebrate our love and passion for Lefkada. Whether it’s an art form, a religious festival or a celebration of our history, it’s always an excuse for good food and drinks, sometime until the morning hours. Greek Orthodox Easter being one of colour and a celebration of family and friends getting together, is where our opening to give you the opportunity to experience the heart and soul of the Ionian Island of Lefkada.


Greek Orthodox Easter


Art Exhibition of the Ionian Islands
3 Day Celebration of the Unification of the Ionian Islands
Festival of Choirs


Religious Feast of the Holy Spirit at the Monastery of Faneromeni
Traditional Folklore Festival of Tsoukalades on the Day of the Holy Spirit
Traditional Folklore Festival of Nikiana on All Saints Day
Traditional Folklore Festival of Agios Petros on Saint Apostle Day


Varkarola in Lefkada Town
Valaoritia in Nidri
Traditional Folklore Festival of Agios Ilias in Eglouvi
Celebration of Agia Kyriaki in the church of Agia Kyriaki in Geni
Traditional Folklore Festival of Vicho on Day of Agia Kyriaki


Celebration of Oregano in Karya
Celebration of Lentils at Agios Donatos in Eglouvi
Celebration of Speech and Arts
International Folklore Festival
Traditional Village Wedding Celebration in Karya
Traditional Celebration Feast of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (Tsoukalades, Lygia, Evgiros and


Celebration of Fish in Lygia
Wine Festival in Sfakiotes and Apolpena